Two Californias

There are two Californias. In one, schools in affluent neighborhoods are feeling the benefits of California’s booming innovation economy and receiving the resources to match. In the other, nearly 3.6 million low-income kids (that’s a majority of public school students) try their best to catch up in underfunded schools with fewer resources, largely ignored by the system.

We should be preparing all kids for the economy of tomorrow, but the status quo isn’t even fulfilling the basic promise of yesterday: a public education that is an equalizer for all California kids.

For this November’s election, we’re on #TeamTuck to close the resource and achievement gaps in our public schools and prepare all California kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

Today, only 18% of low-income fourth graders are proficient in reading, compared to 52% of their more affluent peers. In math, low-income fourth graders in California rank second-to-last in the nation. In fact, the gap between low-income fourth graders and their more affluent peers, in 4th and 8th grades, in math and reading, hasn’t budged in nearly two decades. It’s unacceptable now – and it was unacceptable two decades ago. Another two decades would be unimaginable.

Only Marshall Tuck has a proven track record of helping California’s most at-risk students. Tuck turned around fifteen of Los Angeles’s most underserved schools, in the toughest neighborhoods left behind by the system. He raised graduation rates 60% by implementing an innovative new curriculum and giving kids the tools and resources needed to succeed.

And only Marshall Tuck has a plan to build a 21st century education system for everyone. Tuck will fight for universal pre-K to give all kids a real head start, and he’ll expand access and training to the latest technology and tools, especially in low-income and rural area schools.

This November 6, we have a real opportunity to change the course of public education in our state and close the persistent education gap between the two Californias. Like all change in America, it starts with your vote.