A Look at the Record

This November’s race for Superintendent of Public Instruction is getting a lot of attention — rightfully so. With California schools ranked near the bottom of the country in academic performance, [Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress] it’s crucial that we elect the candidate who has experience in improving outcomes for California students.

Of the two candidates, Marshall Tuck has worked in education for over fifteen years, while Tony Thurmond has hopped from one political office to another.

Tuck’s leadership of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools was hailed as one of the most notable education successes in California history. He turned around fifteen public schools in Los Angeles that had been neglected by the system. Meanwhile, Tony Thurmond’s term on the West Contra Costa School Board in Richmond was marred by financial scandal, poor academic performance, and appalling school conditions.

We’ve taken an apples-to-apples look at their records in education:

Marshall Tuck

Tony Thurmond

  • Raised graduation rates across his schools by 60% [Source: CDE DataQuest]
  • Graduation rates stagnant during his term on the school board [Source: CDE DataQuest]
  • No more than 3% of 10th and 11th grade students proficient in Algebra I [Source: CDE DataQuest]
  • Truancies increase 37% [Source: California Department of Education]
  • Students of color and low-income students in Tuck’s schools received support needed to succeed [Source: Public Impact Report]
  • Endorsed by Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan [Source: The Mercury News]
  • Helped create 10 new public schools in low-income neighborhoods, eight have been recognized as among the top high schools in America by U.S. News & World Report. [Source: Green Dot Public Schools]


Only one candidate has the proven record needed to lead California schools, and that’s Marshall Tuck. We’re Students, Parents, and Teachers supporting Marshall Tuck because we can’t take a chance on another unproven, career politician.