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Two Californias

We should be preparing all kids for the economy of tomorrow, but for half of California the status quo isn’t even fulfilling the basic promise…  Read More

How to Turn Around 15 Public Schools

After decades of failed leadership from Sacramento and stagnant student achievement in California public schools, you may be wondering: Is there anything that can be…  Read More

Let's Get Down to Facts

For the second time in a decade, Stanford University and Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) have released a report showing that California lags in…  Read More

California Schools Are in Crisis. And No One’s Talking about It.

California's the world’s fifth largest economy and an innovation leader — but in education we’re not hitting the mark, and no one’s talking about it.  Read More

Tomorrow is Election Day!

Please vote to elect Marshall Tuck--a proven leader who will stop Sacramento’s games and prioritize student success.  Read More

We Can't Leave Alternative Schools Behind

Discussing the one-year graduation rate is far from a solution to the problems plaguing alternative schools in CA.  Read More

The Status Quo is Not Acceptable for Low-Income Students

Right now, the majority of kids in California public schools come from low-income backgrounds.  Read More

CA's Report Card Is In. It's Not Great.

In 4th and 8th grade, in math and in reading, California falls near the bottom of the nation’s rankings. It’s clear: These results show that…  Read More

We're Supporting Tuck in 2018

It’s 2018 and more than half of California’s 6.2 million public school students aren’t on grade level for math or reading. The numbers are even…  Read More

The Change California Needs

At a time when we need to prepare our kids for the 21st Century economy, California public schools rank near the bottom in the nation…  Read More