Meet Marshall Tuck

The Successful Educator and Innovator Who Will Take on Sacramento

From Public Schools, for Public Schools.

Democrat Marshall Tuck is a successful educator, education expert, and innovator who attended California public schools and believes public education can transform lives.

Leaving a Promising Business Career to Help Our Public Schools.

Marshall left a successful career in software to devote his life to improving California’s public education system and helping students.

Ready to Put Kids First as Our State Superintendent.

Now Marshall Tuck is running for California Superintendent of Public Instruction, to bring fundamental change and accountability to our public schools, cut bureaucracy, and ensure every classroom has an effective teacher.

Creating 10 Successful, Nationally Recognized Public Schools in Some of California’s Toughest Neighborhoods.

In 2002, Marshall became President of Green Dot Public Schools, a non-profit in Los Angeles with the mission of providing an excellent public education to low-income students. At the time, less than half of L.A. public school students were graduating high school.

At Green Dot, Marshall built 10 new charter public high schools with a unionized workforce in some of the poorest parts of L.A. All 10 schools outperformed local schools and 8 were ranked among the top high schools in America by U.S. News & World Report.

Today, the schools Tuck built maintain higher graduation rates than California schools as a whole.

Leading a Historic Turnaround of 18 Public Schools at the Partnership for L.A. Schools.

After his success at Green Dot, Marshall was hired as CEO of the non-profit Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, an innovative alliance between the L.A. Mayor’s office and L.A. Unified School District. The goal was to turn around 18 struggling public schools in Watts and South LA, and create brighter futures for the 15,000 students they served.

These schools were located in some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in America, communities where less than 8 percent of people over 24 years old had a college degree. Among these schools were the highest need elementary, second-highest-need high school, and three of the highest-need middle schools in L.A. Under Tuck, the 18 Partnership schools increased graduation rates by more than 60 percent. Suspension and truancy rates dropped dramatically.

Most significantly, Tuck’s schools saw the highest improvement among California school systems of similar size. At the Partnership, Tuck also helped create the Parent College, which became a national model for helping parents become more involved in their kids’ schools. The Parent College has served 7,000 public school parents.

Providing Teachers with the Support They Need to Succeed in the Classroom.

Today, Marshall is an Educator in Residence at the New Teacher Center (NTC), which trains new teachers, to make them more effective in the classroom.

NTC has partnered with over 150,000 teachers who serve over 12 million students. In schools that have received 2 years of support from NTC, teacher retention has jumped 30 percent.