Let’s Get Down to Facts

For the second time in a decade, Stanford University and Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) have released a report showing that California lags in providing high quality public education, especially for our most vulnerable children. Getting Down to Facts II, released Monday, includes the work of over 100 leading researchers and highlights the immense challenges California public schools still face.

The report includes over 30 separate studies on student success, governance, personnel, finance and equity in California’s public education system. Politicians should have paid attention to the first report a decade ago, but this one, too, is full of data showing that bold change is needed.

The problem is, California’s kids can’t afford to wait another decade. And they clearly can’t rely on politicians in Sacramento to make change. That’s why we’re supporting Marshall Tuck for Superintendent of Public Instruction – he’s actually worked in schools and improved student outcomes. He’s not a politician, he’s a champion for kids, and he’ll actually tackle the problems Getting Down to Facts II identifies. Here’s just a few of those, for example:

There’s a lot to be done. California’s kids deserve better – and Marshall Tuck knows that. He’ll invest more in teachers, equip our schools to prepare students for the 21st century, push for universal pre-k and work to maximize the potential of technology with our data systems. That’s why we’re on #TeamTuck. Join us.