Demand Transparency and Accountability for Our Kids

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It’s time to change the state Education Code to allow for more local flexibility and innovate thinking.

Too many California public K-12 schools are failing our students.

We know it’s important to invest in education and ensure that public schools have the resources they need, but while the state recently provided billions of new dollars for K-12, there’s increasing evidence that critical resources are not even making it to the classrooms to help kids.

Recently, the state passed a law to give local districts more control and flexibility over how education dollars are spent. This is a great step forward, but our current Superintendent of Public Instruction has done nothing to require that school districts disclose how much is reaching the classroom and how much is being spent on more bureaucracy. As a result, parents, teachers, and students have been left in the dark.

Demand transparency and accountability, sign our petition to tell the Superintendent of Public Instruction to require districts disclose how our tax dollars are being spent in public schools.