The Most Innovative State Deserves an Innovative Education System

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It’s time to change the state Education Code to allow for more local flexibility and innovative thinking.

From Silicon Valley to Hollywood, California is the most innovative state in the nation.

Yet our system of public education was designed in the early 20th century and hasn’t really changed since.

From outdated technology in the classroom, to outdated teacher recruitment and tenure policies, to outdated limits on the public-school options, Sacramento politicians’ one-size-fits-all Education Code is causing us to fall behind.

California must:

  1. Make it easier for teachers and administrators to introduce new technologies to personalize and enhance learning opportunities;
  2. Give administrators and communities more control over teacher recruitment and provide flexibility when it comes to building the best team of teachers for kids;
  3. Provide more high-quality, public school options for students stuck in failing schools.

Help us push politicians in Sacramento to change the state Education Code to provide more flexibility for schools to innovate locally and find the best methods to teach all our kids.