Demand Equity in California Public Schools

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It’s time to pass AB 3086 to provide more enrollment options for kids who need them.

All California public school children deserve a quality public education.

So why has our education system left so many communities, especially low-income communities of color, behind?

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office recently found that our state has the second largest achievement gap for low income students in the country.

Only 36% of low income Californians met or exceeded eighth-grade English standards, compared to 68% of non-low-income students, yet California doesn’t even have a plan to improve schools that are failing kids.

Our schools—and our children—deserve better. That’s why we’re promoting AB 3086, which would:

  1. Provide more public-school options for kids in need of extra help;
  2. Expand enrollment options for children of migrant workers, students who have been victims of bullying, and homeless youth.

Tell the legislature that a public education system for the privileged few is out of step with California values.