It’s Time To Get Out The Vote

Election Day is just 5 days away. We have 5 days left to fight for the change California’s students desperately need and deserve.

For too long, California has failed to properly educate our kids. It is time to put our children’s education first. This starts with a vote at the ballot box on November 6. Vote for Marshall Tuck to be California’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In Tuck’s 15-year career in public education, he successfully turned around 15 of the LA Unified District’s (LAUSD) toughest high schools—raising graduation rates by 60%, increasing rankings in math by 90%, and cutting truancy in half. We wholeheartedly believe that Marshall Tuck will help make a difference for our kids. His proven success and dedication to public education will help turn around our state’s broken education system.

With just 5 days until November 6, we need your help. It is time to get out and cast your vote! After casting yours, hold your friends, family, and neighbors accountable—every vote makes a difference.

Here are other ways you can show your support for Marshall as we head into Election Day:

  1. Update your Facebook profile picture to include our new Marshall Tuck Facebook frame.
  2. Share our Get Out the Vote graphic on social media
  3. Tweet your support for Marshall using the hashtag #TeamTuck.

Your help with these three simple tasks will make a huge difference on Election Day.