California Schools Are in Crisis. And No One’s Talking about It.

In so many fields, California is a leader — we’re the world’s fifth largest economy and the birthplace of so many innovative new technologies — but in education we’re not hitting the mark, and no one’s talking about it.

The National Center for Education Statistics, a part of the US Department of Education, ranks state levels in reading and math every two years, using the fourth and eighth grade as benchmarks. The numbers tell a clear story: California is failing its kids. In math alone, California’s fourth and eighth graders rank 46th and 42nd in the nation, respectively. And in reading and writing, three million California public school students are below grade level — that’s nearly half of all public school students in the state.

With the spotlight on this November’s election, why aren’t these statistics part of the conversation in Sacramento?

In the last two decades, virtually nothing has changed — and that’s precisely the problem. In Sacramento, it’s business-as-usual with politicians and bureaucrats kowtowing to special interests and ignoring the widening achievement gaps in our schools.

That’s why this November’s election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction is just as important as your vote for Congress.

It’s a choice between real change and the status quo: Tuck, a political outsider versus the entrenched establishment that got us into this mess, Tuck, an educator who’s spent over 15 years on the ground working with students versus a career politician looking to check a box on his resume. The choice is clear.

Our educational system faces a lot of challenges, but only Tuck is talking about the issues that matter to California’s kids. In his 15+ year career in public education, Tuck turned around 15 of the LAUSD’s toughest high schools. He raised graduation rates 60% and changed thousands of lives by taking on schools left behind by a dysfunctional, bureaucratic school system.

Now, he’s ready to start a new conversation about how to improve California’s public schools.

In the run up to the election, we’re excited to educate California voters on the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction and why we support Marshall Tuck.