We Support Marshall Tuck for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction!

At a time when we need to prepare our kids for the 21st century economy, California schools rank near the bottom in the nation in reading and math.

Instead of pulling together to fix problems, Sacramento special interests and politicians are putting their own interests first and blocking needed change.

That’s why we support Marshall Tuck as our next State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Marshall Tuck will stand up to the special interests and bureaucrats, so we can work together to put kids first, bring fundamental change and accountability to our schools, and ensure every classroom has an effective teacher.

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California schools are falling behind and Sacramento special interests and politicians are blocking progress.

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It's Time To Get Out The Vote

Nov 2, 2018

It's time to put our children’s education first. That starts with a vote at the ballot box on November 6. Vote for Marshall Tuck to…

A Look at the Record

Oct 18, 2018

The race for Superintendent of Public Instruction is getting a lot of attention — rightfully so. With CA schools ranked near the bottom of the…

Two Californias

Sep 28, 2018

We should be preparing all kids for the economy of tomorrow, but for half of California the status quo isn’t even fulfilling the basic promise…

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Why We Support Marshall

Students, teachers, parents, and public education leaders support Marshall Tuck for Superintendent.

Arne Duncan

Former United States Secretary of Education

“Marshall Tuck is uniquely qualified to be California’s top education official, and I am proud to support him. Most importantly, Marshall will take on the status quo to bring real change and real improvement to California schools.”

George Miller

Former Democratic Congressman and Education Chairman

"Marshall Tuck is a progressive democrat that’s already achieved incredible successes in improving the educational experience for so many children in this state and in our communities."

Kelly Gonez

LAUSD Board Member and Teacher

"We need a bold and a courageous leader who is not afraid to confront the status quo. Marshall Tuck will truly transform California’s public education system for all kids."

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